The Center was created to provide a community atmosphere in which like-minded people can grow through understanding. We work to foster that community by endorsing ideas and practitioners that seem to work and filtering those that don’t. Feel free to participate in anything that rings true for you, or even just piques your curiosity – you might be surprised at its validity. Community. Growth. Understanding. If you seek any of these, there’s a place for you here.

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We provide all that we can – from gatherings and classes to presentations and practitioners – in a community environment. When lightwaves are synchronized and focused they become a laser. The same appears to be for the human experience. “Like” doesn’t merely “attract like,” it amplifies it. We look forward to seeing you here!

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The Center is built on the concept of creating community in the metaphysical world. Attend a class, join a group or sit in on a lecture. The Center for Consciousness Studies is a wonderful place to explore your spiritual path and create new friendships.

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